Gold Graphite Grease

Gold Graphite Grease EP 2 is dark grey / black colour

grease containing premium quality base oils, calcium base soap and finely

dispersed lubricating graphite. Gold Graphite Grease EP 2 is recommended

for use in open gears, pantographs, pump glands, link pins, bushes and

linkages. Also, it could be used in rail and flange lubricating equipment,

pantograph copper strips, contact wires, steam locomotive pins, bogie

centre’s, synchro-lift wire ropes and it is ideally suited for plain

bearings on welding machines or where plain bearings are badly worn.


  • Reliable High Temperature Performance
  • Good Oxidation and Mechanical Stability
  • Good Corrosion Resistance Properties
  • Long Storage life
  • Good compatibility with sealing materials

Packaging Options: Gold Graphite Grease is offered in 26, 50 &

180 kg.

Typical Properties &


Test Properties Test Method 2
Appearance Visual Smooth Black/Grey
Penetration, Worked At 60 Strokes, @25°C ASTM D 217 260 – 280
Dropping Point ASTM D 566 190 Min
Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D 130 1b Max
Soap Type USP 32 Lithium
Four Ball Weld test USP 32 0.4 Max
Colour ASTM D 1500 Grey / Black
Rust Prevention Test USP 32 Should Passes
Graphite Content, % USP 32 10

Available Packaging Size into 26, 50 & 180 Kg

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