Gold Anti-Rust Ob

GOLD ANTI-RUST OB series are mainly based on base oil containing a selected combination of additives that these serve as lubricants as well as temporary protectives. These products are suitable for internal protection of gear boxes, back axle assemblies, oil and fuel pumps and lines, fuel and oil tanks, i.c. engines etc


  • Good oxidation stability and ageing resistance
  • Rapid air release and low foaming
  • Excellent corrosion protection for steel and non ferrous metals
  • Avoids water spots when dewatering sensitive surfaces, such as polished or plated components.
  • Good compatibility with sealing materials
Test Properties & Technical Specification
Gold Anti-Rust OB 9 OB 12 OB125
Appearance Semi – Transparent
Kinematic Viscosity @40°C 8 -10 10 – 14 120 – 130
Flash Point, COC, °C 130 Min 140 Min 200 Min

Available in 26, 50 & 210 Liters

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