Gold EDM Oil

GOLD EDM OIL is di-electric fluid, developed by Gold Oil for electrical discharge Machines utilized to produce very fine and intricate cutes and profiles. EDM works very well when machining graphite electrodes. Gold EDM oil use in electrical discharge machining operations, tools, Die industries, Mold industries, Medical, Computer and aerospace industries. Manufacturing of air craft components, values, regulators, hardware, tools etc..


  • Low viscosity ensures good cooling and flushing action in narrow spark gaps
  • Low odor and light colour result in greater operator acceptability
  • Lower aromatics result in a safe and pleasant work environment
  • Excellent filterability and high oxidation stability ensures long service life
Test Properties & Technical Specification
Colour Bright & Clear
Colour Colorless
Density @ 29.5, °C, g/ml  0.770 Min
Viscosity, Kinematic at 40°C, cSt 1.5 Min
Flash Point, PMCC, °C 90 min.
Copper Corrosion @100°c 1a
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