Gold Synthetic Thermic Oil

GOLD SYNTHETIC THERMIC OIL is a synthetic heat transfer fluid used in moderate temperature applications. Gold Synthetic Thermic Oil is designed for use in non-pressurized /low-pressure, indirect heating systems. It delivers efficient, dependable, uniform process heat with no need for high pressures. Gold Synthetic Thermic oil is a true 290°C (550°F) fluid. You will get years of reliable, cost effective performance, even when operating your system continuously at 290°C (550°F). This means you do not have to over specify your fluid.


  • Excellent resistance to fouling
  • Good oxidation stability and High thermal stability
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Excellent Low Temperature Pumpability
  • Good compatibility with sealing materials
Test Properties & Technical Specification
Viscosity, Kinematic 40 at°C, cSt 17 – 22
Flash Point, COC, °C 180 Min
Pour Point, COC, °C -33 Max
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