Gold Synthetic High Temperature Chain Oil Gl

GOLD SYNTHETIC HIGH TEMPERATURE CHAIN OIL GL series oils are blended with synthetic base oil and plural high refined additives such as anti-oxidizer, anti-wear agent, anti corrosion agent and so on. It is particularly suitable for highly specialized applications where oil fling and drip need to be avoided e.g. chains, overhead tracks, and hinges. Gold SCO GL is recommended as a chain link lubricant. In these and similar difficult to lubricate pin and joint applications its anti-wear and long life characteristics will provide continuous effective lubrication with minimum consumption.

  • Excellent antiwear properties & Good oxidation stability
  • Low volatility & High Flash Point
  • Improved lubrication can result in reduced energy consumption
  • Excellent lubrication and prevent wear and corrosion of bearing under all operating conditions.
  • Good compatibility with sealing materials.
Test Properties & Technical Specification
Synthetic High Temperature Chain Oil GL

Appearance Amber Amber
Viscosity, Kinematic 40 at°C, cSt 230 – 280 300 – 340
Viscosity Index 140 Min 140 Min
Pour Point, °C -30 Max -30 Max
Flash Point, COC, °C 260 Min 280 Min
Fire Point, COC, °C 300 Min 310 Min
Rust Test, 48 hrs. Synthetic To Pass To Pass
Operating temperatures °C -18°C – 250°C -15°C – 260°C
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