GOLD SFO 2018 is a high performance base stock or component for spin finish oil for man-made fiber production. Gold SFO 2018 develops for polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, rayon, acetate and elastomer fibers and yarns. It is a fully eco friendly.

The primary functions of a spin finish are to provide surface lubrication to the fibre/filament, antistatic action and good fibre to-fibre cohesion. In order to perform these functions, a spin finish should have the following desirable properties:


  • It is provide good lubricity to reduce the fibre-to-metal (F/M) friction in order to prevent fibre abrasion and maintain low, uniform tension during processing.
  • It is reduce the static charge build-up during processing.
  • A balanced degree of cohesion is necessary, as too much lubricity may cause fibre slippage resulting in package distortion in winding and other operations.
  • It have a controlled viscosity range; too Iowa viscosity causes difficulties in slinging and low yam frictional values, while too high a viscosity causes excessive add-on coupled with high frictional values.
  • For consistent viscosity, the spin finish is resistant to bacterial growth; it also not forms insoluble resinous compounds in the presence of oxygen.
  • It is corrosion resistant and should not cause damage to rollers, guides or needles.
  • It is non-allergenic, non-toxic and ecologically acceptable.
  • Spin finishes are generally applied in emulsion; hence they are easily emulsifiable.
  • Easy to removal of water soluble GOLD SFO2018 in aqueous scouring; reducing finish associated dying problems.
  • Favorable combination of frication properties for high speeds and stable package winds

Packaging : GOLD SFO2018 is offered in 26, 50 & 210 Liter.

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